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Facebook and other social media platforms are crucial marketing tools for businesses of any size and any industry. Facebook alone has 1.13 billion active users everyday, and 1.03 billion users on mobile!

Your practice’s Facebook page can help you reach new audiences and demographics that you may not have been able to reach before! Social Media Marketing will help your practice become more searchable, enhance word of mouth marketing, promote the services your practice has to offer, and develop a strong branded identity within your community (online and offline).

PBHS, Inc. offers three packages designed to meet your practice’s social media marketing goals: Basic, Advanced and Elite.


Designed to get you started with a branded online presence, and supply you with content that will keep your Facebook followers engaged with your practice. If your practice is looking to get its feet wet in social media, or your practice is simply too busy to craft content for Facebook, this package offers a great start!


Designed for the practice that wants to take advantage of the marketing benefits Facebook has to offer with the convenience of having the social media specialists at PBHS post for you. With our advanced package, your practice receives a consult to discuss appropriate content, quarterly campaign material and coaching sessions, and content posted to Facebook on your behalf. If your practice wants to have an active social media presence but has little time to manage ongoing campaigns, the advanced package is for you.


Designed for the practice that is passionate about incorporating social media campaigns into their online marketing strategy! An experienced PBHS social media consultant will lead and train your staff to raise the level of social media engagement both in the office and online. Your campaign specialist will promote services and promotions, expand audience and demographics, and develop an online community surrounding a branded identity. The elite package comes with a personal social media consultant, custom branded Facebook and Twitter pages, monthly blogs and campaigns (digital + print), content posted on your behalf, and up to five hours of custom campaigning per month.

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Compare Packages

If you want to take advantage of one of our three social media packages, or have questions about what package is right for you, contact our sales team at [email protected].