Jillian Michaels Protects Her Winning Smile With a Mouthguard

jillian-michaels3Although she’s an enthusiastic aficionado of the martial arts, Jillian Michaels — fitness guru, television personality and popular author — hasn’t had a dental accident in years. That’s because, these days, she always wears a mouthguard when she’s participating in a potentially dangerous activity. But she wasn’t always so lucky: a childhood accident at the swimming pool made it necessary for her to have her two front teeth replaced with crowns.

We certainly recommend a custom-fitted mouthguard as your first line of defense! But if an accident does happen, crowns are a good option for tooth restoration. What exactly is a crown? Sometimes called a cap, it’s simply a custom-made replacement for the visible part of a tooth that has been damaged. Crowns can be made of tooth-colored porcelain or dental ceramics, metal alloys, or porcelain fused to metal.

If the roots of the affected tooth are healthy, crowns can be an excellent restoration option; if damaged, a dental implant may be required.

Most dental implants consist of two parts: a screw-shaped post made of titanium metal, which sits under the gum line, and a lifelike crown, custom-fabricated to match your own teeth. The post, which is implanted in a minor surgical procedure, will actually fuse with the underlying bone in your jaw. This occurs during a healing period of a few months, after which the crown is attached. The success rate for this procedure is over 95% — the highest of any tooth-replacement option! 

Either way, we can evaluate your individual situation and recommend the most effective restoration option. Contact [REPOST_DOCTOR_NAME] today to schedule a consultation!

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